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How to care for the soccer jersey
2016-07-27 13:31:40

As a true fan of the football star like Messi and Ronaldo, you must have a soccer jersey of them, maybe lots of them! Nobody wants to buy the jersey for wearing it only once, we want them to look as good as new in a certain period of time. But as the time passes by, the jersey are easy to go dirty or old and the letters or numbers begin to peel away. It is very important to preserve them because team jerseys are frequently not replaceable midseason. So, How to care for the soccer jersey? How to make repairs?


Tip 1: Don’t wear it all the time

Not like the clothes for everyday wear, soccer jersey is a cloth for the special time, such as the football match and fans meeting. We wear the soccer jersey to support our favorite football star or football team during the match season. If we wear it all the time, it would be relatively easier to get dirty and old very soon. Besides, playing soccer match is a physically demanding sport, so much action is involved in soccer game that the soccer uniforms may take a hit when it comes to getting dirty and sometimes even a bit bloody. For best results, wash the jersey as soon as possible before stains are set and harder to remove. The less we wear it, the longer it would be kept.


Tip2: Always follow the specific washing instruction

Every time you buy a soccer jersey, always remember to check the laundering instructions on the package for special care. Generally speaking, majority of jerseys in the market are made of polyester, which make it easy to clean. But as to the jerseys with letters, numbers and logos, which are easy to peel away when soaked in the water, they must be washed carefully. Closely follow the specific laundering instructions as stated on the tags. Some soccer jerseys would last for years when the laundering directions are followed correctly during each laundering. Usually, most soccer jersey requires a cold water wash to reduce fading. And hand-washing with a mild detergent is always the best way to clean the jersey. Besides, turn your jersey inside out before soaking it into water, which will protect the numbers, letters and logos from abrasion and will make them last longer.


Tip 3: Hang or lay flat to dry

Since the heat and agitation from tumble dryers can shrink fabric and damage the numbers and logos printing on jerseys, many directions recommend " natural drying". To make your soccer jersey last even longer, you must care for it with gentle treatment. Most jerseys are lightweight and dry very quickly, so we can hang them in the shade or lay them flat to dry instead of using dryers.


Tip 4: Do not iron logos and patches

The logos and patches are always made of different materials with other parts of the jersey, and are usually pasted on the surface with the glue and high pressure by the manufacturers. As we all know, the high temperature can melt the glue, which makes the logos and patches peel away from the jersey. To care for your soccer jersey, remember not to iron it as possible. Once you use iron to dry the jersey, the high temperature and intense heat of iron might melt the glue, scorch the fabric and destroy the numbers, patches and logos. If you absolutely must iron, use a press cloth and low temperature, and do not iron logos and patches.