Washing Method

 Cleaning Method:

1. Usually wash the best cold water hand wash, soak 5-6 minutes, the time should not be too long.

2. Do not use detergent containing bleach.

3. When washing to avoid brush with a brush, do not rub hard . It is recommended that use to washing hand , do not wash with a washing machine, so as not to damage the pattern.

4. When washing is prohibited to tear the printing, do not hand rub the pattern of the surface, excessive scrubbing will affect the color of the pattern.

5. Do not rub the collar when washing, so as not to neckline deformation.

Drying Method:

1.  After washing should not be wring dry, need to be directly in the ventilation and cool place to dry naturally, do not put the print on the sun exposure, so as not to color discoloration.

2.  When drying, the hanger from the hem of the clothes loose into the place, do not directly from the collar section of the strong support, so as not to lose the flexibility after the neckline.

3.  After the clothes dry, such as the need for ironing, it is best to iron around the pattern part, to avoid the pattern directly to the iron, remember it.

4.  After ironing, do not put the clothes into a small space, can be used to hang the hanger to keep the clothes flat shape.


1.   Where stamping numbers or LOGO shirt, hand wash is recommended. Do not use detergent or a long soak water; do not rub against the number LOGO position. 

2.   When drying jersey number, please do not put the face of the sun exposure, true way is to turn the shirt to dry. This is conducive to maintenance of numbers.

3.   Jersey when usually do not wear clothes hung up, please try to avoid the number of breakage. Try not to fold for storage. 

4.   If the part number printed on the printing appears tilt, shedding phenomenon, please do not stick with a smooth plastic paper or wax paper (such as: double-sided adhesive tape and back) cover the number and font using hot irons 6-10 seconds that may, if found not strong, once again hot stamping and appropriate to extend the time. Special Note: Do not let the iron in direct contact numbers and letters. 

5.  When you wash the jersey, you'd better to turn over the jersey, and avoid the name and number, wash gently.